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InnerTek Software
Creators of the fBuilder firewall configuration utility for Linux
Makers of the CyberArmor layered security architecture personal firewall
IPCop Firewall Addons
A collection of binary addons for IPCop Firewall as well as some relevant site references
Kerio Technologies UK Ltd.
Personal and corporate firewalls and secure mailserver solutions
Macintosh based server-level and personal-user level software firewall, providing IP address based protection for TCP-based services
The Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall, an application based on iptables, with a number of optional modules including logging and intrusion detection
Livermore Software Laboratores, Intl.
Providing the PORTUS products for over ten years with a perfect security record
LinuxMagic VPN Firewall
VPN FireWall, using the highest level of encryption, and industry standard IPSEC technology, ensures that no one can snoop your passwords or sensitive data, without paying the costs of expensive route
Dolphinwall. The Dynamic Firewall
Installed in two configurations, firewall/central manager and peripheral firewall It includes stateful packet inspection, IDS, HTTP and SMTP proxies and antivirus capability
A free embedded firewall software package based on FreeBSD
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