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The God of the Bible versus the god of Multi-Level Marketing
Christian site calling the teachings of Amway Motivational Organizations "a Satanic distortion of Biblical truth
The Hype of It
True story of a PartyLite Gifts consultant's trek to the top followed by the use of the 10 day clause by the company to terminate her contract
Cagey Consumer: Multi-level marketing
Analysis and debunking of Multi-Level Marketing as an industry as well as scrutiny of a number of specific MLMs and complaints generated about them
The Mirage of Multilevel Marketing
Article by Stephen Barrett, M
An Employment Scam in the Financial Services Industry
Describes an employment scam that finance grads and those considering financial, insurance and securities sales should be aware of
MLM Survivor
News, lawsuits, personal experiences, and information
MLM Survivors Club
A discussion group for people who've survived MLM
Personal Experience: Mary Kay Cosmetics
Associate recounts her negative experience with the company
Amway and Rules Enforcement
On-line petition to the FTC to examine Amway's enforcement of retail selling rules by the MLM Survivors Homepage
Bigsmart Pyramid Promoters Settle FTC Charges
Federal Trade Commission press release announces that Darrin Epps and Edward Lamont are barred for life from participating in multi-level marketing schemes
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