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Siliconix Incorporated
Develops, manufactures and markets power and analog semiconductor products, including integrated circuits and discrete devices
Simon Transportation Services, Inc.
Provides specialized, temperature-controlled transportation services via trucks, for the food industry throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico Inc.
Produces Chinese language Internet portal and internet communities
Silverstar Holdings Ltd
Focuses on investing in Internet and technology related companies
SilverStream Software, Inc.
Provides application server software and services which enable businesses and large organizations to create, deploy and manage software applications for intranets, extranets and the internet
Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Design, engineer and manufacture structural connectors and anchors
Silverleaf Resorts, Inc.
Owns and operates time-share resorts
Simione Central Holdings, Inc.
Designs, assembles, markets and services computer systems for use specifically by health providers
Simula, Inc.
Manufacture crash restraint and energy absorption technologies including protective armor, that safeguard human lives
Silicom Ltd
Provides network communications connectivity solutions and advanced enabling technologies focusing on home networking
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