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Boomerang Association of Australia (BAA)
The club publishes magazines, runs tournaments, and in general promotes the sport and history of boomerangs
Worlds Great Boomerangs by John Cryderman
Custom made boomerangs, lapp joint, plywood, strip laminated, throw sticks, and the natural elbow boomerang
Unspinning the Boomerang
Science article describing the physics of the boomerang
Whishhbone Boomerangs
Instructions for making your own
Pat's Boom Bag
Devoted to the construction of boomerangs; includes instructions for multiple lap joint sticks and general tips
Official site of the Boomerang Throwing Association of New South Wales
Danish Boomerang Club
Member listings, event listing, and national championship results; in Danish and English
MrDunston Boomerangs
Crafting and throwing instructions, plans, photos and links
United States Boomerang Association
Features FAQ, events calendar, regional contacts, vendor database, and crafting and history resources from this official administrative organization
Lesson with a Boomerang
This lesson plan uses the boomerang to demonstrate basic mathematical principles
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