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Future Micro Technology
Non-Linear Video Editing and 3D Graphic Environments
All digital audiovisual editing studio based in Phoenix
Hughes Pictures
Avio, Casablanca, Kron, and Bahia nonlinear digital video editing systems
Oakslade Studios
Online and offline non-linear, sound recording and editing, and animation facilities; located in the Warwickshire countryside
Digital Outpost
Offers digital audiovisual editing and authoring, video compression, multimedia production and post-production services
Digital Editor
News, information, tutorials, support and tips for popular editing applications
DV Post
Providing video professionals with affordable DV-based non-linear editing services
Provides professional film and video editors' information, editorial, and news on the art, technology and business of editing
Final Cut Pro and Avid training tutorials and news
Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress news and tutorials
Servicing video professionals or companies in search of products and services relating to film production, video editing, multimedia solutions, and training
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