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A philosophic exploration of how best to live one's life as illustrated by the Selfproclaimedgenius's unique life experiences and thoughts
Aesthetic Realism and the Arts and Sciences
Collection of links by Eli Siegel on topics such as music, photography, anthropology, and sociology
ILIMOW - Articles, Essays, Stories, Poems, Quotes
Collection of philosophical, spiritual, motivational, and inspirational concepts by a ferocious reader and an obsessed writer
The Roots of Sound Rational Thinking
Online book on plus root theory; concerns the foundations of sound logical discourse, reasoning, and common sense
Alan Bailey's Philosophy Webpage
Course outline and lecture notes focusing on epistemology and the history of scepticism
Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment [Preview Edition]
A practical post-existentialist, post-objectivist philosophy, partly based on ideas of Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, C
The Supremacy of the Truth
This book defines the concept of truth and how it is used as a valuator to process information
Solutions To World Problems, by Paul VanRaden
Paul's ideas on how to improve the world are presented
Joseph: The Philosophy Of Being
Insights in prose and verse on the dualism of existence presented in chapters from books by the site's author
Model of Neutral-Inclusivity
A general philosophical-denominational work of 936 pages that lays the foundation for the neutral-inclusive paradigm
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