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Lightworkers Tempel
2012, ascensions, aliens, and other paranormal topics
My Dismally Bad Luck
Discusses the authors life with bad luck
Mysterious World
Offers a journey of unsolved mysteries, ghosts, the supernatural and extraterrestrial
My HomeLand
Personal discoveries about magic, otherrealm, and past life
Life Is So Strange
For anyone who is interested in anything weird
Legends of the Shroom
Includes articles entitled evolution in progress, chariots of the gods, food of the gods and proof of the gods' existence
LoSt MinD
For everyone to express, generate their ideas and opinion about everything, preferably the paranormal
Eden's Eve - The Crossroads To all Things Paranormal
Maintained by Bobbie J
J's Paranormal Ponderings
Christian paranormal investigator ponders ghosts, hauntings, aliens, vampires
Paranormal Stuff
Paranormal information, stories, and adventures
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