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Beale Air Force Base
Home of SR-71A #61-7963
Duxford Imperial War Museum
Home of SR-71A #61-7962
Tom Mahood's Search for A-12 #06928
A detailed narrative on Tom's hunt for an aircraft that went down more than 30 years ago
Reactivation of the SR-71
Conference report in the "Congressional Record" - List of surveillance plane crew members
Chinese jets intercept U - Chinese board U.S. plane, take gear
Chinese military officials have boarded a grounded U
March Field Museum
Home of SR-71A #61-7975
Minnesota Air National Guard Museum
Home of A-12 #60-6931
SR-71 Photo Gallery
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's photo server for the SR-71 from its high speed flight and sonic boom studies
Dan Birch
A-12, YF-12, and SR-71 Information, specifications, photos, diagrams, and links
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