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World Carfree Network
Organized by the Car Busters collective; a decentralised, structured network for local, regional, national and international organisations
Hitch Hike Mike: Mike Gitelman
A Canadian hitchhiker and traveller, with his autobiographical writings on his voluntary homelessness, and a description of his simple life in a tree house
Getting a Life
Information, ideas, philosophy and articles on voluntary simplicity, sustainability and spirituality
Fringe Wisdom: Spirituality, Love, Food, Nature, and The Art of Being Human
How to change the common point of view which is destroying our world, to one that teaches us to nurture, sustain life on this planet, and evolve
Deliberate Life
Comprehensive articles on simple living, homesteading, homeschooling and sustainability, for those who want to change the world by improving their lifestyle
Family whose values include getting rid of stuff to simplify their lives and live their dreams
The Journal of Voluntary Simplicity
Subscription information for the quarterly journal about simplifying our lives
Life: News about Sustainable Healthy Living
News and articles about sustainable living, health, family, livelihood, and mostly voluntary simplicity, since 1976
The Center for Whole Communities
Beautiful learning center dedicated to nurturing the relationship between people and the land, a community gathering place, and a working family farm in Fayston, VT
Car Living
The definitive survival guide to living in your car, with real stories, information and resources
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