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Jonathan Marin's Analysis and Insight
Insights into why things are as they are
The Midnight DJ
Includes articles on history, politics, racism and religon
Mian's Little Speck in the Universe
Social issues regarding queer families, spirituality, racism, homophobia, lesbians, gay men, HIV/AIDS
A whole brain workout
Al Martin Raw: Criminal Government Conspiracy
Alternative news and commentary on corporate/government fraud and criminal conspiracy
Multitudes of information on a variety of unusual topics including principles of philanthropy, spirituality, government, independent media, brain research, transhumanism, ecommerce, and web sculpturin
Milsted, Carl S. Jr: Holistic Politics
Carl Milstead examines the unnecessary trade-offs among freedom, equality and nature in current politics, and adovcates a balanced, holistic approach to government - Express what you feel !
Gutfeel is dedicated to all those who have the courage to express what they feel and follow their own path come what may
Fragments: The Gulf War and Other Issues
Hypertext web of essays, stories, graphics and quotes
MJ Sebastian
His views on issues such as the Constitution, international integration, world government, revolution and disarmarment
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