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A Dublin-based group of self-identified bisexuals who first met in September 1996
Pj's & Kitty's Bi page
Bisexual links and resources, ICQ, music, desktop and government sites
Bi By Nature
A social group based in Toronto, Canada exclusively designed for bisexual men and women who love nudism
Robyn Ochs
Bisexual speaker, workshop leader, teacher, writer, and activist; sometimes called mother of the Bi movement
Reflection of My Soul
Poetry and prose about loving both genders
Timothy Turner
A speaker, trainer, facilitator, organizer and writer working on behalf of bisexuals in the US
Tom Limoncelli
Bisexual activist and network engineer
Trashkitten's BiCentral
Find local bisexual gatherings on the social calendar
Realistic Daydreams
Offers information on a variety of topics, sex, sexuality, men's/women's issues, charities, student's research links, personal essays, and poetry
Steve's UK Bisexual Page
For all bisexual or bi friendly people
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