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Tales of Wonder
Folk and fairy tales from around the world, compiled by Richard Darsie
Stories of the Feri Folk
Fairy and folk tales from around the world, with a focus on Norway; includes some modern day fairy stories
Tales of Faerie Worldwide
International faerie stories
Myths and Other Stories
Collection of various stories from many countries
Stories for the Seasons
Seasonal nature stories with an extensive bibliography, part of the Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line net
Stories in a Nutshell
A collection of concise folktale plots for student retelling, by Heather Forest
Zensufi Story Park
Stories from around the globe by mystics, Sufis, Zen masters, and simple beings
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
By Robert Browning (1888), illustrated by Kate Greenaway; e-text at Indiana University Libraries
Ongoing Tales - Old Time Fairy Tales
Antelope Publishing brings well loved and lesser known fairytales to life with electronic enhancement
Propp's Structure of the Magic Tale
Outline of the classical work "Morphology of the Folktale
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