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Network America
Advocates for exposing computer vote fraud, imprecise election practices and media responses
What's an "earthsmartcar"? Find out at the Natural Resources Defense Council's site, and sign their online petition urging Detroit to produce environmentally-friendly hybrid cars
Digital Freedom Network
DFN promotes human rights around the world by developing new methods of activism with Internet technology and by providing an online voice to those attacked for expressing themselves
People's Global Action Against 'Free' Trade and the WTO
A network of some of the largest social movements on the planet (including the Zapatistas, MST (Brazil), and the Indian Karnataka State Farmers' Association), this site is a clearing house for resista
An internet action resource
Union for Democratic Communications
Promotes varied critical approaches to communications and media, analyzes power structures that control mass media, and advocates the creation of structures to promote democratic communications
The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico
A report for sale explaining the tactics of "netwar" (i
Center for Digital Democracy
Works to the preserve and support an Internet environment that is open, diverse, and democratic
From Alternet, an information source "by and for" young people Advocacy and Activism by Online Volunteers
Links to resources about legal issues, practices, and strategies for online activism on behalf of a cause
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