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Phil's Casket Company
Specializes in top of the line caskets
Angels Online Memorial Pages
Provides services to honor friends, loved ones, members or co-workers
BlueSky Memorials
Provides an online memorial service including funeral and obituary notices, words of remembrance, pictures, and family history information
Always Remembered
Offers a lasting Memorial where friends and family can share their fondest memories
The Community Guild
Offers private, community and public on-line memorials devoted to the memory of a loved one
Woodhaven Caskets
Offers a small selection of hardwood caskets
Memory Woods Canada
Provides tree planting options to allowing the planting of a memorial tree in or around Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park
Memorial Trees
Plant a memorial tree to honor the memory of a loved one
Family and Friends to Remember
Providing services to people that want to establish online scrapbook memories of friends and relatives
Planting Memorial trees in all 50 states since 1981
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