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General Particle Tracer
3D particle tracer designed to simulate the movement of charged particles in the presence of electric and magnetic fields
Phonon Software
Calculates the phonon dispersion relations and phonon density of states for any crystal from force constants, or from Hellmann-Feynman forces supplied by an ab initio program
Ionization Energy Loss
Calculate the energy loss of a charged particle by ionization (specific or integral) as it passes through many kinds of matter
The Matrix
Free programs and references on mathematical physics and applied mathematics
MaterialWorlds Simulations
Play and experiment with a growing range of virtual reality physics simulations - from a game of snooker through to the Solar System
Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
Vilnius, Lithuania
It's a 3D realtime interactive gravity simulator, designed to simulate thousands of bodies (e
Physics Simulation Page
A lot of physics simulation programs, sources of knowledge and animations generated by Maciej Matyka (maq/floppy)
Physics Related Software Manuals/Links
Manuals/Links on the Nuclear Physics programs and general-use software (programming languages, algebra programs etc
Feynman Diagram Drawing Program: FeynDraw
FeynDraw Windows program is used to quickly draw, scale, print, and save as images, Feynman, qed, qcd, twistor, string, or other particle physics diagrams and can be downloaded free for trial use
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