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Provider of chemical compound library's for HTS in vials or plates
Synthetic Pages
Free interactive database of practical and reliable organic, organometallic and inorganic chemical syntheses submitted by synthetic chemists
NIST Chemistry WebBook
Database of organic chemistry compounds, organized by species
SPRESIweb - InfoChem GmbH
The new SpresiWeb developed by InfoChem is an integrated scientific database containing over 4
WebReactions - Organic Reaction Retrieval System
Free reaction search system offering direct retrieval of reaction precedents
Free database of over 2
Databases and software for thermochemistry
American Chemical Society
Division of the History of Chemistry
Synthesis Reviews Database
Free database of more than 16000 references to English review articles (from journals and books) of interest to synthetic organic chemists
Organic Synthesis series
All annual volumes of Organic Syntheses in ISIS/Base format
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