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Archaeoastronomy Home
A source of information and products about solar alignments and ancient astronomical observatories and monuments in harmony with seasonal rhythms and terrestrial cycles
The Grant Chronicles
Astrophysics and interstellar technology
Future Talk with Zoh Hieronimus
Where the modern scientific and ancient mystic worlds meet
ZeroThief's Tavern
Observations about human combustion, strange creatures and UFOs
Cube Theory
This site etempts to explain the structure of the universe
The Millennium Group
The repository where truth in science begins
Theory of Reciprocity
A Newtonian approach to understanding the phenomenon of existence and the nature of the cosmos
Cosmos 2000
Recent discovery of the nature of atomic particles reveals a meaning of the Universe
Collected Essays of Immanuel Velikovsky
Includes papers on the basis of his theories, prediction in science, the origin of diamonds, fallacies of radiocarbon dating, and other topics
WingMakers, The Ancient Arrow Project
Introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein
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