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Cosmic Commode
A proposed resolution of general relativity theory and an alternative to the Big Bang theory of cosmological creation
Center of the Universe Publishing
Offers the book "21st Century's all New Cosmology" for sale, and a sample chapter for free download
Pedigree of the Phoenix
A remarkable bird-like pattern seen in the sun's corona during total eclipses inspired the Egyptian winged sun symbol, the Phoenix myth, and other mythical sunbirds
Astronomy in Senmut's tomb and in Dendera's zodiac
The zodiac in Senmut's tomb implies the existence of an unknown planet
Cosmology Without Big Bang
The right Hubble Law is derived to obtain a cosmology with expansion but without Big Bang
Cosmic Perspective
Book which claims to eliminate the Big Bang as a viable theory of creation
A peronal page of my poetry, influenced by my interests in anomalies and alternative science
Cosmic Repulsion
Online text of a book postulating the existence of a repulsive force, to explain the observed expansion of the universe without exotic dark matter
Wonderful Articles & Profound Images
Wonders, anomalies and mysteries of the ancients, with links to museums, photos, and things of interest
Cosmic Queries
To persons perplexed by the cosmos
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