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Kung Fu Cinema
Kung Fu Cinema is an independent online publication that provides martial arts film reviews with additional information on available DVD editions and exclusive articles and interviews with filmmakers
Bad Cinema Diary
Short reviews and stills of B-movies from all genres
B+ and Indie Edge Stars
Profiles and pictures of B-movie actors and Scream Queens like Amber Newman, Lisa Boyle and Debbie Rochon
Sticking It To The Man: Blaxploitation Movies
List of films in the genre, with brief synopses and partial cast lists
Sweet's Back Again
Nicky Baxter examines how these films upended Hollywood stereotypes
Includes an introduction to the genre, list of films and links to related articles
Bad Movies
Reviews of films of dubious value, including pictures, sounds, and videos
Classic Films
Classic films, B-movies and black Americans in early film
List of B-grade films from the 1950s, analytical essay about B-movies, message boards and information about remakes
Bwaanaman's World
Discussions of pre-war culture and trivia, biographies of classic actresses (Bimboland) and other material for nostalgia fans, maintained by Roar Skaug Larssen
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