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Girls With Guns - Home of the Action Heroine
Reviews and articles on action and other movies that contain female leads
Action Films
Analysis of the action genre
Adventure Films
Extensive look at the genre from swashbucklers to "Lawrence of Arabia" to disaster movies
The Greatest Disaster Films of All Time
Beth Rowan's picks, including The Towering Inferno, The Abyss, The Poseidon Adventure and Airport
Disaster Online
Articles on the genre and information on over two hundred disaster films, including a section devoted to Air Disaster Movies
Examining the popularity of these films and the influence they have had on cinema since
VaRaces: Movie Car Chase Database
Searchable by car type, film or location
Blaxploitation Films
Black Voices: Blaxploitation
Overview of the genre's history with a list of films, plus multimedia resources including photos, audio and video clips
Kung Fu / Martial Arts / Swordplay Films
Films that either feature martial arts combat as a central theme or action films that have a noteable amount of martial arts combat in them
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