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The Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center
Catalog of parliamentary procedure references and quality teaching resources, workshops, glossary, links, frequently asked questions, how to write minutes, mnemonics, and consulting and materials
Parliamentary Procedure Home Page
This site is hosted by Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Stran L
Parliamentary Procedure Glossary, Third Edition
A detailed glossary of parliamentary procedure terms and phrases used by the Canada House of Commons
Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials From the University of Illinois
Parliamentary procedure resources from the ITCS Instructional Materials at the University of Illinois
Pennsylvania PTA
Includes details on why parliamentary procedure should be used, defines several basic terms, and lists resources,1871,42724-114493-44-17204,00.html
Survival Tips on Roberts Rules of Order
Roberts Rules of Order are indispensable to surviving as an officer or a member in an organization
Robert's Rules of Order Revised
The 1915 (Fourth) Edition with slight modifications and enhancements, by the Constitution Society
Robert's Rules Online - Parliamentary Procedure
Full text of the 1915 (Fourth) Edition of Robert's Rules of Order, with index and keyword search, lesson outlines and Plan for Study of Parliamentary Law
Texas State Association of Parliamentarians (NAP)
This site includes the objectives of the state association and the annual convention date
Parliamentary Procedure-Tulane University ASB
The Associated Student Body (ASB) at Tulane University provides information on: Parliamentary situations and concepts; classes, descriptions, and purposes of motions; and the order or precedence of mo
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