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Covers the Four-in-hand, the Windsor, the Half-Winsdor, and how to make the finishing dimple
Learn how to tie the Windsor, Half Windsor, Four in Hand and Pratt by following colored diagrams
Scouting Resources
Covers hitches and lashings
Covers the four basic knots
Solving a Knotty Problem
Article on Cambridge scientists' mathematical tie-tying research predicting six new knots
Tie Guide
Illustrated instructions on tying a necktie, along with tips on caring, wearing, and purchasing these accessories
Tying the Four-in-Hand Knot
Illustrated lesson
A resource for traditional hand made bellropes and sea chest beckets
Kyoto Library: Musubi
Examples of musubi (Japanese knots) tied with kumihimo (braided silk)
Japanese Glass Fishing Float Nets
A diagram and photos which show how to weave rope nets for the purpose of recovering Japanese glass fishing floats
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