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H-Net discussion group dedicated to providing a means of communication for those who research, write, read, teach, and preserve Maryland history and culture
H-Holocaust: Holocaust Studies
H-Net discussion group devoted to the study of the Holocaust, anti-semitism, and Jewish history in the 1930s and 1940s
H-Grad: Graduate Students
H-Net discussion list dedicated to providing a closed, moderated forum for free exchange of thoughts
H-Net discussion group from the journal History and Theory dedicated to increasing and broadening communication among its readers and those interested in its topics
H-HistGeog: Historical Geography
H-Net discussion group dedicated to examining the intricate relationship between space and time
H-HistBibl: Bibliographic and Library Services
H-Net international network for those interested in the practice and study of bibliographic and library services in support of historical study and teaching
H-High-S: High School History and Social Studies
H-Net group dedicated to the discussion of curriculum in teaching history, social studies, and related subjects in American secondary schools
H-Ideas: Intellectual History
H-Net group dedicated to the discussion of intellectual history
H-Net discussion group initiated by the Lusophone African Studies Organization
H-Net discussion group for scholars studying the history and culture of what is sometimes called the Arab Middle East
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