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Topics include: Klondike Derby, Scouting issues, spirituality, ceremonies, kit lists, Venturer and Rover bylaws
Mortons's Scouting Resources
Includes camp programs; campfire songs, skits and yells, campfire cooking; games; hints and tips
The Inquiry Net
A collection of traditional games and pastimes for boys created by scouter Rick Seymour
Scouting the Web
Directory of Scouting sites and resources plus downloads including, popcorn tracker, animated unit number counter, scouting icons and, e-mail masking
The Scouter's Online Library
Clipart, software, and file library
Scouting Bear's Cave
Contains a wide range of resources and program ideas
Ask-A-Scout(er) Page
Various topics including: camp menus, how to choose a summer camp, the Firestarter FAQ, making rope, backwoods ovens, and keeping raccoons out of tents
Scouting File Cabinet
Contains a wide range of tips, program ideas, ceremonies, parent guides, activities, songs, humor, and resources
Green Bar
Presents philosophical and practical information about Scouting leadership
Books and speeches by BP, MIDI and RealAudio campfire songs, badge gallery, scouting links, and resources
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