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Cyber Piggies
Singaporean cavy owner, with information about his pigs and advice about health and supplies
Diddly-Di's Piggy Pages
Pictures of the piggies, guide to buying and caring for a new piggy, health and happiness
Cinamon and Peper's Guinea Pig Place
Scrapbook of past and present guinea pigs, also helpful advice on health, food, and care
Alyssa Buecker's Guinea Pig Tales
Kansas teenager makes award-winning movies (including Carrot Wars, a spoof of Star Wars) starring her guinea pigs for HBO and Nickelodeon
Jackie's Guinea Piggies
Information on Guinea Pig care, rescues, art work, animations, piggy links
Jaylene & Ron's Teddies
Caviary site includes many pictures of their beloved teddies, newborns, and caviary setup
Guinea Pigs Society
Provides pictures, cavy experience stories, chat, links, poll, and calendar
Learn how to look after your guinea pig, chat, read animal jokes and view a photo gallery
Porkchop's Piggy Palace
About our guinea pigs with pictures, links, and helpful information
S.A.L. Cavies
FAQ, health alert, pregnancy topics, dietary information, and general store
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