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Massi rocket rocketry scuba family lindenhrst long Island robots
A new company with some interesting products
My Model Rockets
Model rocket site showing pictures and videos of my rockets that I have built over the years
New Ware
Quality resin model kits (also PE and resin detail sets, decal sets) of spacecrafts, space launch vehicles and sounding rockets
Mike's High Power Rocket page
Model and High Power Rocketry with information, tips, videos, pictures and links
Model and High Power Rocketry UK
Diagram and information about the science behind how rockets work
NARTS -- NAR Technical Services
Model rocket plans, books, software and technical information
Tri-City Sky Busters
An active Northern Ohio rocketry club launching Model, HPR, and hybrid fliers on the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month
Model Rocket Video Camera Microwave Downlink
Describes successful experiments using a 2
Tripoli Colorado
Schedules and information, as well as Nadine Kinney's photos from LDRS VII
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