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Design Observer:
Features writings about design & culture
Ciber@RT Festival of New Technologies
Sections include net-art, off-line multimedia, computer animation, minimization and interactive installations
Critical Mas TV
Focuses on free speech and artistic expression influenced by media-made events and local realities around the world
The New Forms Festival: Technography
Explores the relationship between technology and culture in a media saturated world
Coded Cultures Congress
The ways of origination and reality design of various artists and art groups are demonstrated on hand of workshops and an exhibition, whereas a new approach towards digital art in the 21
The Women of the Old Boys Network
OBN is a collective of cyberfeminist new media artists and theorists
Grupo de Informática Gráfica Avanzada
Advanced Computer Graphics Group
Digital Arts and Culture 1998
The first of the international conference series, held in Bergen 26-28 November 1998
Multimedia projects and images of work by exhibitors
Three Degrees of Separation
Is online art a revolution or a flash in the pan? Janet Cohen, Keith Frank and Jon Ippolito take sides on this issue in an argument that unfolds visually as well as verbally
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