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How to Build a Bluebird House
Brief information on Western Bluebirds and how to build a house for them
Texas Bluebird Society
A non-profit educational organization promoting the conservation of bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds
North American Bluebird Society
An incorporated non-profit organization determined to increase the populations of the three species of bluebirds on the North American continent
The Eastern Bluebird
Bluebird pictures and nestbox plans
Robert Royce's Bird Photography
Images of birds from the United States and Manitoba, Canada
Purple Martin Preservation Alliance
Devoted to the preservation and recovery of the Purple Martin through hands-on conservation projects, management of existing breeding sites, and research
The Purple Martin Society
A specialized and unique group of birders whose goals are to preserve the Purple Martin species and to advance the interest and knowledge of Purple Martins to others
Purple Martin Clubhouse
Forum for martineers with photos, chat, and screen savers
The Nature Society
A Purple Martin organization established in 1962
Bluebirds, Bird Watching, and Feeding
Information on bluebirds, identification, photos, birds feeder projects, and nest box instructions
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