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The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552, As Amended By Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stst. 3
The full text of the Freedom of Information Act in a form showing all amendments to the statute made by the "Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996
Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma
The Dart Center is a global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy
International Media Center
Not-for-profit research and education center in Miami, USA strengthening professional communication media in Latin America
Communication Skills Europe - Journalism
UK based training agency specializing in Communications related courses
Community Writers
Training for community journalists focusing on the creation of a neighbourhood newspaper or newsletter
International Academy of Broadcasting
Offering a post-graduate program of studies leading to a Master's degree in Broadcasting
Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media
Teaches in the gathering, editing and presentation of information, and prepares students for a career in journalism
JobsPage: High school journalism
This is a part of the JobsPage, which is maintained by the Detroit Free Press for high school newspaper journalists and journalism advisors
U.S. Department of State FOIA Electronic Reading Room
Displays (a) frequently requested documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), (b) special collections of continuing public interest, and (c) r
Offering journalism courses and related information
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