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Dog Owner's Guide
Hundreds of articles ranging from choosing the right dog to training your pet
Advice Online: Cats and Dogs
Professional advice on raising, training and caring for the family puppy, dog, cat and kitten
The Actual Dog Show
All about this family hobby including what goes on at a dog show, how to get started, learning the lingo
Golden Retrievers at the Land of PureGold
Live, love and laugh Cats
Includes articles related to feeding, grooming, first aid, and health
English Cocker Spaniels
Information about the breed including rearing and training puppies and care of the coat, teeth and ears
Westminster Kennel Club
Sponsors the most famous dog show in the United States
Includes a discussion of the origin of the cat going back to prehistoric times, profiles and trivia of selected cat breeds, and provocative cat facts, cat tales, and photos
Pluto Power
Site dedicated to the owner's dog Pluto
Rhianne's Dog Club
Information about dogs including differences between breeds and dogs at war
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