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Group Loop
Provides an online support for teens with cancer and their parents
Child and Youth Health: Cancer - What Is It?
Explains what it is, the causes, types of treatments and what they do
Children's Brain Tumor Foundation
Provides an array of information and resources to assist in accessing expert care to ensure quality of life for children with brain or spinal cord tumors
Kids Konnected
Provides friendship, understanding, education, and support for the children who have a parent with cancer, or have lost a parent to cancer
Children with Cancer
An interactive support site for children with cancer and children who have a parent with cancer
Don't Be A Schmuck: Testicular Cancer
Understand more about this condition, including signs, symptoms, statistics, and performing a self-examination
The Cancer Game
Stress relief for cancer patients, in which they can visualize and destroy cancer on a computer screen
TeensHealth: ADHD and ADD
Article about what it is, signs and symptoms, causes, treatments, and how to cope - Teens' Homepage
Get information, answer the daily question, and create a journal - Kids' Homepage
Learn about different forms of this disease, play games, and make a journal
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