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Partnership For a Drug-Free America
Tips on talking to kids about drugs, as well as information on specific drugs, slang names for drugs, what they look like, and frequently asked questions
Monitoring the Future
An ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American students and young adults funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
Safety First
Resources for parents about teens, drugs, and drug education
Teens With Problems
Information to help parents spot substance abuse in their teen, including over the counter medications, huffing of inhalants, and use of illegal drugs
Parents & Adolescents Recovering Together Successfully
Fighting the teen alcohol and drug epidemic one family at a time
Teenage Pregnancy and Healthy Lifestyle
Features an article with guidelines on helping young parents' chances of having a healthy baby
Provides teens with a safe space ask questions and to get reliable information about marijuana and its effects
Sexuality issues including pregnancy are explored in high tech
How Stuff Works: How Alcohol Works
In-depth partial graphic tutorial about alcohol examines all the ways in which alcohol affects the human body
Willow Tree, Inc.
A prevention and wellness agency that provides workshops, conferences and programs empowering youth and adults and to create a kinder, more caring and drug-safe world
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