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Environmental tobacco smoke exposure and ischaemic heart disease: an evaluation of the evidence
Article from the British Medical Journal
The Whole Truth About Smoking
New research find that the tobacco industry does a good job in deceiving the public about the full health risks of smoking; a rundown of 6 myths about smoking and the facts
NEJM -- Passive Smoking and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease -- A Meta-Analysis of Epidemiologic S
Review of the scientific literature finds that passive smoking is consistently associated with an increased risk of heart disease across a wide variety of studies
CNN - Study: Passive smoke an even greater risk
New research provides some of the strongest evidence yet that constant exposure to passive smoke nearly doubles the risk of heart attack and death in non-smokers
Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke: Heart Disease
Describes the effect of secondhand smoke on circulation and the heart, and provides a bibliography of relevant research
Cardiovascular Effects of Secondhand Smoke: Nearly as Large as Smoking
Review of recent research finds the effects of secondhand smoke on the heart and cardiovascular system are nearly as bad as smoking itself
Secondhand smoke and schaemic heart disease: an evaluation of the evidence
Analysis of 19 epidemiological studies shows that people who have never smoked have 30% greater risk of ischaemic heart disease if they live with a smoker
Passive Smoking and Heart disease: Epidemiology, Physiology, and Biochemistry
Review of the scientific literature outlines the mechanisms and documents the risk (the third leading preventable cause of death in America)
He Wanted You to Know
Article from the St
Preventing Heart Disease - Smoking
Short section on smoking and the hart
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