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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Educational brochures and pamphlets available to the public at no cost
Federal Consumer Information Center Health
Federal health publications from FCIC in Pueblo, CO
Seek Wellness
Information on incontinence, sexual problems, low testosterone, high fiber foods, eating disorders, wellness, fitness, overactive bladder, arthritis, and some other diseases
Medicare Publications
Information on benefits, patients' rights and obligations
American Physical Therapy Association Public Information
Information on physical therapy topics, includes brochures on safety in daily living and diseases and disorders
Tips of All
Small bits of advice and tips on a variety of subjects, primarily health-related
American Academy of Pediatrics - You and Your Family
Information on child health, safety, and advocacy for babies, children, teens, and adolescents
SoYouWanna Be A Human Guinea Pig?
This full-length article will teach you how to "volunteer" for science experiments, from simple questionnaires to complex drug trials
Spotlight Health
By combining celebrity stories with information about serious diseases, the authors of this site provide sound basic information in a format that is engaging and easy to understand
Think Like A Doctor
An online community seminar for healthcare consumers to become even better patients by improving the relationship with their doctor
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