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Adult Children of Alcoholics Resources
Includes information, research, and characteristics, including relationships
Search for clean and sober people by age, gender, location, and then e-mail them
A recovery site that offers tools to help live the clean and sober life
Recovery_Chat Egroup for AA and NA members
A Yahoo email group for AA, NA, and AL-ANON support
A Yahoo email group for people in recovery from alcoholism, co-dependency, eating disorders, gambling, any form of substance abuse, and PTSD
Online Services Office
Online services for Alcoholics Anonymous members and various AA service entities
The Recovery Network Online Chats
Online chat room for recovering alcoholics as well as links to other substance abuse resources
Miracles In Progress 12 Step Recovery Forums
Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and ACOA chatrooms as well as bulletin boards are available
MoM Group of Alcoholics Anonymous
The Meeting of Minds group is an AA Group, providing a step discussion meeting via email
Chat Room Schedule - Alcoholism
Schedule of chats and meetings at About
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