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Great Murder Mystery Games
Hints and tips related to having your own murder mystery game
The Bill Nye the Science Guy Drinking Game
Game involving frequent elements on the show
The Jury Box
Reprint of vintage 1930s Mystery Game
Murder Mystery Maniacs
Customized murder mystery games for holiday, teen, and dinner parties or for corporate events
An Evening of Murder
A series of murder mystery party games available on CD or through e-mail
Sells murder mystery games with themed menus, and decorations and costumes
An Invitation to Murder
Murder mystery party game with extensive character descriptions
Dinner Detectives
Sells murder mystery games that you purchase and print from your computer
Real Beer Page: Games
Real Beer's Fun Guide, including beer games, burps, toasts, bar humor, beer quotes, polls and contests
D. J. McAdam
Sells themed murder mystery kits from the series Murder a la Carte
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