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Although the game itself is now defunct, this site describes the MUSH world of Poddington-on-Slossip, a small village in Cornwall which, strangely, does not appear in any of Baedeker's guides
Olympus Island MUSH
Online gaming environment using Hero System 5th Edition rules
Maddock MUX
An online roleplaying game set in the late 1870s in a small town in the American West
Wild Spirits MUSH
Come roleplay North American Wild animals in a setting similar to Lion King or Watership Down
Set in Tolkien's Middle Earth
Harry Potter: A Snitch in Time
A consent-based MUSH based on J
Beleriand MUSH
A virtual environment in an attempt to recreate the world of J
Blood of Dragons
Based on George R
Eternity MUSH
A tribe of elves attempts to survive on a new world, already occupied by other races, after theirs was destroyed
The Hedonic Empire
A medieval fantasy-based game with a great deal of freedom in character concept and race
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