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Although the game itself is now defunct, this site describes the MUSH world of Poddington-on-Slossip, a small village in Cornwall which, strangely, does not appear in any of Baedeker's guides
Maddock MUX
An online roleplaying game set in the late 1870s in a small town in the American West
Olympus Island MUSH
Online gaming environment using Hero System 5th Edition rules
Wild Spirits MUSH
Come roleplay North American Wild animals in a setting similar to Lion King or Watership Down
Set in Tolkien's Middle Earth
Beleriand MUSH
A virtual environment in an attempt to recreate the world of J
Harry Potter: A Snitch in Time
A consent-based MUSH based on J
Blood of Dragons
Based on George R
Eternity MUSH
A tribe of elves attempts to survive on a new world, already occupied by other races, after theirs was destroyed
The Hedonic Empire
A medieval fantasy-based game with a great deal of freedom in character concept and race
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