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Grim Reaper Casting
Casters of a wide range of fantasy miniature figurines, suitable for the collector, role-player or diorama creator
HaT Industrie
Producer of a range of 1/72 and 1/32 figurines in many historical periods
Frontier Miniatures
UK distributor of the 15 and 25mm Frontier collectible historical wargame miniature ranges
Ground Zero Games
Produces a comprehensive range of science fiction and fantasy miniatures and complimentary accessories
Griffin Miniatures
Producers of a range of fine larger scale miniatures, suited to wargaming, and for collectors their Masterpiece range's; which are intended for more experienced miniature artists
Gripping Beast
Historical miniature manufacturer that includes ranges of Norse, and Saxons amongst others
The Foundry
Producers of a large range of miniatures, including many historical and fantasy pieces
Haus of Stuff
Manufacturer of the 15 and 25mm Frontier collectible historical wargame miniatures, as well as carrying books, 20mm WWII resin models, and Napoleonic rules
Freebooter Miniatures
Official website of the miniature production company operated by renowned miniature artist Werner Klocke with many unique sculpts available
Games Workshop's division that creates larger resin busts and showcase figurines from their popular Warhammer and 40k ranges
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