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A life of sex, booze and tiddlywinks
The Sydney Morning Herald's obituary of the 4th Earl of Kimberley, the most-married man in the peerage and a former player of the game
Varsity Online -- Sport
The Cambridge University student newspaper reports on a CUTwC meeting
Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club
Doccy T's unofficial CUTwC bulletin board, with the rules and commentary on the Club's preferred drinking games
Britain's top at tiddlywinks
The BBC's report on the 24th World Pairs
Yahoo! Groups : tiddlywinks
Bulletin Board that claims to be "everything about the classic game of tiddlywinks, from the 1890s parlor game to the competitive tournament game"
The Harvard Tiddlywinks Society
Information on the Society and the game
Tournament Designs
All-play-all, carry-over and individual-pairs tournament designs for various numbers of players, published in several formats
The North American Tiddlywinks Association
Includes rules of Tiddlywinks, strategy, the history of the game and compendium for game collectors
Silwood Park Tiddlywinks Club
Contact and budget details for the club
50 facts about The Duke of Edinburgh
Includes a summary of the role of the His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh and the Goons in the creation of the Silver Wink
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