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DKappey MAME Arcade Cabinet
Conversion of real arcade cabinet to MAME cabinet with its original 25 inch rotating NTSC monitor
The Asylum
Conversion of a generic cocktail/tabletop cabinet to a MAME machine
Dave's Dig-Dug Box
Constructing a MAME machine from a gutted Dig-Dug cabinet
Crap2MAME Project, The
Making a MAME machine from a beat up old Soul Caliber arcade cabinet
dEfCADE - arcade candy
Hardware, technical information, wiring, and movie
BBoy's homepage
Hardware, software, and pictures
Hantarex Ltd.
Video Monitors
Defender to MAME
Converting and restoration of a Defender cabinet
Hin Tysen's MAME cabinet
Once a GORF, then a MegaZone, now a MAME cabinet
The Empyre, Emulation and R-Type Cabinets
Site about the referbisment and multi-loom re-wiring of a JAMMA Cabinet that contains R-Type / R-Type II / R-Type Leo, and the progress building a MAME Cabinet from an old Electrocoin Bar Line Cab
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