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The Managed Resource Interface:Interfacing Erlang with Standardized Management Protocols
On interfacing Erlang with Remote Network management protocols such as SNMP and Corba
Concurrent Programming in Erlang
Link to the Erlang book available at Amazon UK
A staged tag scheme for Erlang
Mikael Pettersson
Core Erlang
An intermediate representation of Erlang, intended to lie at a level between source code and the intermediate code typically found in compilers
SS7/ISDN Protocol Converter
Motivity's SS7/ISDN protocol converter
Introduction to Erlang
Pesentation by Dimitri Fontaine at the Libro Software Meeting, Bordeaux, France (July 5, 2001)
Performance Measurements of Threads in Java and Processes in Erlang
A study on Erlang's vs
Using PDF to distribute code
Joe Armstrong, SICS (December 12, 2001)
Evaluation of HiPE, an Erlang Native Code Compiler
Erik Johansson, Sven-Olof Nyström, Thomas Lindgren, Christer Jonsson, Uppsala University
Concurrent Programming in Erlang
The first half of Concurrent Programming in Erlang
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