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Software Human Factors
Provides a wide range of usability consulting services including interface design, user testing, focus groups, heuristic evaluations and onsite training
Usability consultant specialized in user centered design, including computer interaction, and usability engineering
Sterling Creations
Technology for persons with special needs and access for everyone
Swim Interaction Design Studio LLC
Specialists in designing usable, useful and aesthetic interfaces for interactive products, ranging from software applications to handheld devices and medical equipment
User-centered design and development services, including object-oriented design and UML, usability evaluation and training
Pure Interface
User interface design, usability testing and research to improve user experience for websites, software, and other products
Tec-Ed, Inc.
Customer research, information architecture and design, and usability evaluation of technology products and websites
Sprezzatura Systems, Inc.
Software design, programming, documentation, and review
Reynolds, Louis
Information architect and GUI consultant, specializing in information architecture, user testing, user experience, and GUI design
Shiro Wilde
Interaction Designer
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