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Discriminator CNC editor.
Discriminator makes CNC files more readable for viewing and printing by allowing the user to format individual codes with any font or color
Spectrum CNC Technologies, Inc.
Multi-DNC shop floor RS232 and TCP/IP communication solutions for CNC manufacturing, programming, and machine monitoring
Seiki Systems
Providing software suitable for all makes of CNC machines, from basic DNC to full manufacturing systems inclusive performance monitoring, MRP integration and links to other CAE applications
Thedra technologies, Inc.
Supplier of DNC, SPC, machine monitoring, and work instruction software for the automation of shop floor operations
Armchair Machinist Software
Machine Shop for Win95/98 including a variety of common calculations and database information
Refresh Your Memory, Inc
Solution providor for factory CNC communications
A text editor made to write and modify complex CNC G-code files, with syntax highlighting and task specific editing functions
Nesting systems for sheet metal (lasers, plasma arc, water jets) and wood working equipment
Ascendant Technologies
offers graphical G-code verification and CNC and DNC software, including eXtremeDNC and XYZPRO32 Edit Plus
Cimskil High Throughput Manufacturing
Cimskil High Throughput Manufacturing Systems including NCv, MetCAPP, and CUTDATA
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